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Unfortunately, estate planning is often overlooked or ignored by individuals and families, even those of modest means. Creating a comprehensive estate plan can help lay the framework and facilitate the process of transferring wealth upon death and ensure that last wishes are met in order to pass on a legacy. We offer guidance through this process, including reviewing beneficiary designations, making sure necessary documents are in place such as wills and trusts, asset titling for optimal results, and addressing all other relevant issues related to estates. Taking these steps will contribute to financial security both now and for generations to come.


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Will & Testament

If you want to ensure your hard-earned money and property are managed according to your desires after you’re gone, you may benefit from our help. Not only can we help set up, monitor, and track your will or testament, but we also provide holistic advice on investments and budgeting.

Powers of Attorney

From legal decisions to measuring investment volatility, Next Gen can provide useful guidance for clients as they establish and manage their POA. Our advice can be especially helpful in navigating the complexities of navigating tax codes and protecting yourself legally so that cumulative savings increase over time.


We can advise you on the best ways to manage your trusts and stay up to date with all the rules and regulations related to trusts. We will help you make informed decisions on how to handle your finances. Not only that, but our expertise can also help you plan for a secure future by providing smart retirement advice.

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Financial Planning Process


From Start to End

Next Gen financial planners are a great option for anyone looking to put their finances in order. With Next Gen, the hard work of managing your money is taken away from you and put into the hands of reliable experts. Whether it be cash flow management, budgeting, or understanding complex estate planning laws, these financial planners have the experience and knowledge needed to develop an effective plan that suits your individual needs. Investing in a Next Gen financial planner puts your mind at ease knowing that these experts will take care of every detail related to your personal finances.


Frequently Asked Questions

Estate planning is an important tool used to organize and protect your finances, properties, and other assets in the event of unexpected changes, such as incapacitation or death. It involves the organization of various documents, including a will, health care power of attorney, and trusts among others.

A financial advisor can craft a comprehensive estate plan to make sure your beloved family members are provided for, even after you’re gone. By documenting your wishes about the future care of any children in your life, you give yourself peace-of-mind knowing that they’ll be well taken care of long into the future by someone trustworthy and capable who has been appointed as their guardian or primary caregiver.

Every estate plan should include a will or trust to ensure your desires are fulfilled. Writing one up reduces the chances of future disputes over inheritance and puts you in control by honoring your intent for how possessions and assets get distributed.

With life’s many twists and turns, financial advising can be a crucial partner in the journey. From welcoming a new child to taking advantage of an inheritance, there are important money-management decisions that require thoughtful planning for your future security – and this is where expert guidance comes into play. A skilled advisor has specialized knowledge about investments and taxes which can help you make smart choices at pivotal moments in your family’s development.

A trust is a legal document that defines the relationship between a grantor, truster, beneficiaries, and a trustee. It is essentially an arrangement whereby one or more people own assets and holds them or their income for another person’s benefit. It can also be used to manage somebody’s estate and provide financial protection if they become ill or incapacitated.


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