We are not your father’s financial planner!

(in fact, we're quite proud of that)

Financial planning is no longer just for your wealthy grandparents with millions of dollars to invest. Unlike many other financial planners out there, we are not simply “willing” to work with Gen X or Gen Y clients like you in the hope that you’ll someday have a large portfolio for us to manage and charge a fee on. 

Our entire service model is built around helping YOU face the decisions that shape your future. We are proud to serve the working professionals in their 20’s-40’s that many old-school financial planning firms will turn away. 

You know you are a good fit to work with us if you are:

  • Eager to learn and take action towards improving your financial life
  • Comfortable with using technology such as Google Hangouts or online banking. We serve clients nationwide through virtual meetings, you don't have to be in San Diego!
  • Looking for personalized service that treats you like the unique individual you are, rather than an account number or a series of financial spreadsheets
  • Seeking professional advice on how to live well today while still having confidence in your plans for tomorrow
  • Overwhelmed with all of the decisions that you must make in your financial life in various areas such as investing, tax planning, repaying student loans, insurance, etc
  • A busy professional who has no time for (or interest in) learning everything about personal finance and would rather outsource to somebody who loves doing this stuff
  • Interested in working with an independent fee-only (a.k.a. “commission-free”) financial planner who always puts YOUR best interests first and doesn't sell financial products
  • Fun to work with! We can only serve a certain number of people, and life is too short to spend time with people who suck

We are probably not a good fit for you if you are:

  • Under the impression that financial planners have to be wealthy old guys in fancy suits, who work in expensive offices downtown with walls full of leather-bound books that smell of rich mahogany
  • Focused on trying to outperform the market by picking the next hot stock. We firmly believe in a low-cost passive indexing approach to investing, and that markets are mostly efficient. We also believe that a big part of our role as your financial advisor is to prevent you from making emotionally driven decisions or losing your long-term perspective
  • Seeking advice on complex estate planning issues to pass along your bazillion dollar estate to your heirs and favored charities in the most tax-efficient manner
  • Retired (or soon will be) and looking for advice on Social Security or generating retirement income from your portfolio. Retirees need financial planning advice too, but that’s just not who we serve best!
  • Trying to be the richest person in the graveyard some day, and focused on accumulating more stuff rather than creating experiences that contribute to your ideal life